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Advent Age Education Foundation organises International Conferences with the collaboration of dignified organisations. The motto of the conferences is to spur the discussion on the concurrent issue related to business education. These conferences provide a platform for discussions and delegations for the eminent professors and regarded professionals to pour the solutions, suggestions and innovative idea in the mind of new generation faculties and budding managers. We also provide the opportunity to young faculties and students to discuss the different aspect of the specific subject related with the title. Conferences were organised in the serene and beautiful environs of Advent

Our co organisers include—

  • NEBAA, Southern Connecticut State University, USA

  • CIBER, University of Connecticut, USA

  • Laxpra Foundation, Udaipur, India.

  • College of Business, Sn Francisco State University, USA 

First International conference was organised on 5th-6th August, 2005. Theme of the conference was “Outsourcing- It’s Contents and Discontents”. As Indian Economy started to see boom in outsourcing industry, it was relevant to discuss the pros and cons of that industry. The participants in the conference deliberated on the change in positioning of the country with the leap in Outsourcing, whether it made sense to go for low cost work, would it be sustainable etc. India today, is referred to as the back office of the world.

Second International Conference was organised on 5th-6th January, 2007 on the theme of “Environment and Globalization”. In 2007, Indian market was flourishing with foreign investments, new companies and brands. Everybody was enjoying the economic momentum and working towards double digit growth rate. But, the time was also ripe to think about the environmental impact of that growth. The key findings in the conference highlighted the aspect that ecology and economy have to go hand in hand for any sustainable development to take place. More than thirty research paper and analytical articles were presented in the conference.

Third International Conference was organised on 12th-13th January 2008. The theme of discussion was “Business Education in Global Economy”. India brought to the table, a large pool of skilled and unskilled labour. Multinationals were establishing their production centre in India to take advantage of skilled, yet cost effective, labour. In this scenario, it was important to discuss the evolution of Business Education to cater to this changing scenario. Hundred articles and research papers were read in that conference. Many eminent professors discussed the role and requirements of Management education and suggested changes that looked forward.

Fourth International Conference was organized on 9th-10th January 2009. Indian economy is compared to an elephant, which has the large potential to grow but the growth rate is slow. China, on the other hand is compared to a dragon with aggressive growth and developments. The conference had more than two hundred academicians and scholars participate and discuss the difference in growth model of both the countries. The discussion was not only limited to the economic analysis, infrastructure facilities and policy models but also expanded to the different areas of business, technology, social differences and customer expectations.



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People behind the Conference

(President Advent age Education Foundation)

Prof. Shyam S Lodha
(Professor and Chair - Marketing, Southern Connecticut State University USA)

Mr.Anil Shah
(Founder Secretary, Advent age Education Foundation)


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